mixed media painting on canvas

Just experimenting with mixed media
For Art Night awhile back, I had bought several extra canvases on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I've decided spring break is definitely a good time to get workin' on them.
I like the simplicity of this. I drew and painted the face and neck, and used layered paper for wings, and a paperdoll body. Anyone who feels the need to create will understand..


Loveandadoor said...

Hi there! Love the painting.
BTW I got a lovely little gift from you on Friday! Thank you so much! I do feel inspired. I will share with you what I do.. when I do.
Thank you so much!
Enjoy your break.. xoxoxoxox

Jimmie said...

I do understand the "need" to create. I'm reading The Artist's Way right now and going through the exercises. We'll see.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Jimmie, I'm also reading The Artist's Way. It's an interesting book... lots to glean (and some things to leave behind, too.) The morning pages have been difficult to be consistent with. Have you tried it?