Numbers, the folder way

This is very basic. Just match the objects or numbers to the corresponding card.

The bunnies can be matched to either the numeral, number word, or matching bunny card. Little Lad (2-years) matches to the bunnies. Dash (4-years) matches to the numerals and words.

The laminated cards are stored in "pockets" between the folders.

This book goes up to 30.
On the last page there's a little, simple balloon-making game.

The Artist's All-About-Horses Book

This was done completely by The Artist, on her own free time. She used pictures from a horse coloring book and magazines. She looked up er information using an Animal Encyclopedia and the computer (with supervision.)
Inside flap... I love that she used a bucket to store information about the horse's food and water needs!
Mini-book of her favorite little cut-outs.
True or False Game (she came up with some awesome questions!!
Did you know that acorns are dangerous for horses to eat? I didn't!
And can you see her cute little pictures that accompany the answers?
Envelope mini game. "How to shoe a horse" Put the pieces in the correct order.

Another mini-book, describing breeds and horse markings.
Yep, my girl is horse-obsessed! And she is mighty creative!

The Ultimate Color and Shape Lapbook

The kids and I made this, little by little, after school each day. It's our gift to Little Lad.

Matching color shapes...
More color matching... chart style.
Flip pages to reveal "happy sayings" matching and dry-erase marker pages.
Flip again for color and shape mini-book, made by Nature Man.
Robot matches color, shape, and word names. Flip up to reveal...
The Artist's sticker color game...
Close one page, and this is one the other side...
more color shape matching...
Turn page and you have colored bears to match.
Flip another page for the crayon matching game.
The end. The pieces are in little sandwich baggies that are stapled to the tops of each page. We didn't use any envelope or pockets, because that could get frustrating for a 2-year old!
Happy learning!


Matching Months Folder Game

Yes, the months should be going the other direction. I had a gluing error when I was tired the other night. So I worked with it. Reading right to left for one game hopefully won't mess them up too badly!

These are the simplest games to make. Get two copies of anything: stickers, magazine pictures, drawings, etc. Glue one set on, and let the kids match with the other set. These are laminated for durability.

Colors Game

Make two of each color. Laminate. Cut apart the second set. Let the kids match them up & spell it out.


Mt. Rainier is a volcano that we've actually seen "in person," so we added these postcards that we brought home from our Washington vacation.

This lapbook, that the kids finished up today, is made with two file folders, three mini-books, magazine fold-outs, a little journaling book, postcards, etc. The kids and I had fun with it!! I'm hoping that, by integrating all learning styles, the information will really stick. Plus they can revisit it at any time!