Art Journaling, the newest hobby

Have you caught on to my pattern yet? I get interested in something new, and it becomes my all-consuming every-late-evening new hobby. I've gone through sewing, book-altering, lapbook prep stuff for the kids, sketching, etc etc and now on to art journaling. This one is easy and natural, as it can combine some of my greatest loves: color, art, photography, journaling, books, prayer...

Anytime I start sharing something new, my confidence falls down a few notches. It's hard to put yourself out there, especially when presenting something new and rather nontraditional. So, like a coward trying to be brave, I stick my head out of the hole, glance around, toss my artwork up on the grass, and skitter back inside to wait. Then, a few days later, I work up the nerve to lay some more stuff out on the ground.

Here's the "stuff" I set forth:Sketching

Painting: These pages are "art-extending"...
magazine or calendar clips taken,
extended, added to, layered on the page.
I can process so much better using multiple methods. At least two of my children are also very much like this. I think everyone benefits from artwork, period, but also from combining methods to learn. The primarily auditory learner may still remember best by listening to AND writing their speech.


Art Journaling take 2

And, again, an overlap... because art and prayer can be consuming. So, for the latest art journal entries, you can go here for mine, and here for The Artist's.


And then there was...

The Art Journalposted here. Inevitably, my blogs will overlap at times.


Painting with acrylics

I mentioned that several amazing artists inspired me to start focusing on art. I believe God has given us each certain talents, and expects us to use those to glorify Him. Well, I'm like Moses I suppose, and I like to make excuses for why I can't use my gifts.
It takes courage to try new things.

"What would you dare to accomplish if you knew the only possible outcome was success?"

One thing that I hadn't dared to try was painting. You know I paint walls and furniture... but I was too scared to try a REAL picture. Sure, that may seem strange coming from someone who will paint the entire living room on a whim. The truth is that I was intimated by having such a talented family. Bleh-- I know, ridiculous. I'm truly so amazed and thankful for their abilities. And I can't expect to start off with the experience and talent that they've acquired over a span of 10+ years. Everyone has to start somewhere, and now is the time for me.

So, without further ado, I give you my painting:

Beginning: (yes, I'm painting on a book)
Making some progress:
Finished product:

The plan was to have her holding a flower, but I couldn't get the hand right, so she ended up with a blue gown. ;-) Gotta do what works.
It's not perfect or professional, but I'm thrilled that it's a real picture. And, like Nester says, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. It makes me happy!

And, by the way, I rearranged my entire bedroom in order to have the art table, easel, and sewing machine set up in a functional space. October, thanks for your help with that on Friday night!! This area just draws me in. I know where I'll be every evening when the house goes to sleep. :-)

Check out the other things people are creating at...

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We just came across this picture, that T and I colored a year ago. Sweet memories.


"Cold" Sketchbook Prompt

Nature Man's "cold"

The Artist's "cold"

My "cold" prompt
I find it funny that The Artist and I both drew a "cold" woman. ;-)


Two -faced Sketchbook Prompt

One of the latest Sketchbook Prompts was "Two-faced."
Nature Man's artwork below:
and flipped:
Another of his:
The Artist's picture:
And hers flipped:

My artwork:
Mine flipped:
I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying these afternoon art sessions with the kids!!


Art Prompts

The kids and I have started The Sketch Book. Every afternoon (after schoolwork, so we don't become consumed,) we'll do artwork, using different prompts. It may be an artist study, word, photo. Most recently we did the word "stretch." Whatever they wanted.

I did a freaky stretchy face. Trying to get back into art, and think outside the box. If I do these lessons with them, it holds me accountable to my art time, and encourages them as well. And it helps me let go of perfectionism. I'm not exactly a perfectionist type person anyway, but I often hesitate sharing my art because there are so many dang-good artists in my family, and I feel my stuff pales in comparison. That's the point, though, isn't it. I'm wondering if I measure up... and that's not what it's about.

The artist drew a "limo car," and even used "stretched letters" to label it. hee.

Nature Man drew people stretching out rubber bands.
Dash decided not to participate. No pressure on him. I want him to love art, not think of it as a chore.