Halloween for the preschoolers

I've given my scrapbook tub over to the kids.
Nature Man colored and cut out these pumpkins.

Flip open the first flap to reveal a page protector full of coloring sheets. The first one was completed by Dash.
Past the coloring, there's a baggie of Velcro spiders and accompanying songs.
Each spider has been glued to card stock and cut out. Then we attached Velcro pads to the back.

Put the spiders on the Velcro glove before you begin the song. With each line, you remove a spider. The little kids love it. (Math before they realize they're learning.)
The next flap opens to reveal a pumpkin sequence game.
The tots put each laminated card on its matching picture.
Last flap is a Halloween sticker matching game. I just stuck the little stickers on the folder, laminated it. Then stuck and cut out the matching stickers and laminated those. Viola-- cheap and easy matching game for Little Lad.

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