Telling Time

This lapbook is used with a dry erase marker. The clock on the left flap is plastic. The pages in the center are in page protectors, and can be used and then wiped clean again.

Behind the page protectors, there is a mini book and a Time game.
Match the digital and analog clocks to the correct written time.
Game pieces are kept in a plastic baggie, stapled to the top of the page.

Mini-book and area behind the Time game. Mini-lift-the-flap quiz about time.
On the back of the folder,
is another folder,
which opens to another matching game.

Everything is more fun with books and flaps, right??
Have a grand time!!


Special sections from Ranger Rick added to the lapbook.
Plus a froggie craft!

Descriptions of the stages, with laminated pictures inside each envelope.

Froggy facts on the flaps (try saying that 10 times!) that the kids cut out from Ranger Rick.
The orange envelope unfolds to show drawings of a frog's life cycle. Aaaand I forgot to get pictures of that. Phoey. Maybe later. The Artist did those pictures and they are so cute.

In the baggie, there are Velcro frogs and the froggie songs.
Below, Velcro glove, which is kept at the front of the lapbook box.

Halloween for the preschoolers

I've given my scrapbook tub over to the kids.
Nature Man colored and cut out these pumpkins.

Flip open the first flap to reveal a page protector full of coloring sheets. The first one was completed by Dash.
Past the coloring, there's a baggie of Velcro spiders and accompanying songs.
Each spider has been glued to card stock and cut out. Then we attached Velcro pads to the back.

Put the spiders on the Velcro glove before you begin the song. With each line, you remove a spider. The little kids love it. (Math before they realize they're learning.)
The next flap opens to reveal a pumpkin sequence game.
The tots put each laminated card on its matching picture.
Last flap is a Halloween sticker matching game. I just stuck the little stickers on the folder, laminated it. Then stuck and cut out the matching stickers and laminated those. Viola-- cheap and easy matching game for Little Lad.


The Mouse and the Wizard Hindu fable

Human Body

Okay, this isn't a lapbook or a folder game. It's being included on this site simply because it has flaps (and I make up the rules anyway.)
We traced Dash's body on a long roll of easel paper.
We add body parts as we study them. I had some of these to use, from our science workbook, and I'm just drawing the others. Click on a picture for a larger view.

The ribs flap open to reveal what they protect inside.

We wrote information about each body part on the back, before taping it on to the figure.
I suppose I should have traced his facial profile, rather than a full-front view, huh? ;-)


Numbers, the folder way

This is very basic. Just match the objects or numbers to the corresponding card.

The bunnies can be matched to either the numeral, number word, or matching bunny card. Little Lad (2-years) matches to the bunnies. Dash (4-years) matches to the numerals and words.

The laminated cards are stored in "pockets" between the folders.

This book goes up to 30.
On the last page there's a little, simple balloon-making game.

The Artist's All-About-Horses Book

This was done completely by The Artist, on her own free time. She used pictures from a horse coloring book and magazines. She looked up er information using an Animal Encyclopedia and the computer (with supervision.)
Inside flap... I love that she used a bucket to store information about the horse's food and water needs!
Mini-book of her favorite little cut-outs.
True or False Game (she came up with some awesome questions!!
Did you know that acorns are dangerous for horses to eat? I didn't!
And can you see her cute little pictures that accompany the answers?
Envelope mini game. "How to shoe a horse" Put the pieces in the correct order.

Another mini-book, describing breeds and horse markings.
Yep, my girl is horse-obsessed! And she is mighty creative!