Making a mini-book from an old hardcover

Have you ever come across an old classic, worn and falling apart? I loved the front cover of this book, and picked it up at a flea market. The pages were falling out, and the spine was destroyed. It could have been kept, untouched, on a shelf for display, but I believe this book deserves attention.
So I cut it up.
Yes, book-lovers everywhere, you can cringe. I LOVE all forms.
I cropped the front and back covers into perfect little squares, cut pages from the book the same size, along with some scrapbook paper. Then I poked holes through all and bound it with ribbons, a charm and button.
Naturally I had to paint on a bit, too.Voila. Beautiful mini-book.
This one was sent off to live with another mixed-media-art-fan-friend. :-)

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