The Painted Sandals

My parents always led us to believe that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. They had no idea what sort of things I would set my mind to do! Alisa Burke at Redefine Creativity painted some fabulous wedge sandals. Totally inspired, I went hunting through my closet for shoes to paint.
Because I'm absolutely normal, right?
Wishing I had taken a "before picture." These were solid white, leather sandals. They were my Mimi's years ago, and she passed them on to me. They are quality shoes, and in excellent condition, but the leather on top was beginning to show signs of wear. I love these shoes and had no plans to get rid of them, so they were chosen for a make-over. I used acrylic and fabric paints, with a spray for whatever-it's-called over that to protect them.
What do you think? Would you paint your sandals? Check out the other amazing created wearables at the Train to Crazy's Make It, Wear it link list!


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I love them!

Loveandadoor said...

um.. if I could paint.. yes! My daughters have drawn all over their jeans in sharpie pen... (not quite painting... but altered clothing none-the-less) As always you did a great job!!

Laura PARING DOWN said...

Ok. Saw the original wedges, saw a second set of wedges, and now your sandals. LOVE 'em. Time to do my own.

Andrea @ said...

So creative! They look great!